Frequently Asked Questions

Savage & Palmer aims for trust and transparency in how our service works. If anything remains unclear or if you have a question not covered in this FAQ, please send us a message and we will happily get you the answers you need.

How It Works

What is the batch size?

This ranges between a maximum of 20-25 people

What locations do you operate out of?

We currently operate out of only one center located in

Dadar-42A Impression House,
G D Ambekar Marg,
Dadar East, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400031.

Why should I sign up with you? What is unique about this course?

There are possibly hundreds of institutions that offer training when it comes to the subject of accounting & finance. Signing up with the right partner is key, we offer Accounting, Taxation, MIS reporting services to over 150 clients and interview hundreds of accountants every month. We have realized that although accountants sometimes lack the skills they need to succeed in the workplace in terms of their quality of knowledge, ability to handle various situations and the ability to communicate effectively.

What makes this course unique is it is based on addressing the gaps we have ourselves identified and use when we make hiring decisions- the proof of the pudding is that we aim to hire graduates from this program as well. .

What kind of starting salaries do these jobs offer?

Anywhere between 10-15k if you are just starting your career. If you are signing up as a working professional this would depend on your experience till date and your current career goals- the course would help you more from a transitional perspective to someone who can manage work and situations better.

What if I am not sure if I want to be an Accountant?

That is completely alright, part of the fun of life is figuring out what you want to do and who you want to be. Our very helpful counseling team will be sure to add some value so feel free to reach out. Click Here to reach us


What do you charge for this course?

Rs.40,000 inclusive of all taxes

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds once you sign up as we are looking for committed students only

Do you have a referral policy?

Yes, for every sign up you bring to the course you get a 5% discount.

Do you’ll offer any financing options?

Yes, let your course counsellor know that you need help with this.