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The SavPalm Certified Advantage

Savage & Palmer provides Accounting, Taxation & Reporting services to hundreds of companies across India. As a service provider in this domain, we have hired hundreds and interviewed thousands of accountants. We have found that there is a huge gap in terms of skillsets and the ability to communicate effectively in a work environment that is stopping accountants from unleashing their complete potential. As employers, we have designed our course to create accountants that we would love to hire and to make accountants more employable and well rounded.

Our Employers

  • LEK
  • suprdaily
  • Cochlear

Our Students

  • My knowledge of taxation and how to communicate effectively was missing, this course helped me with that!
  • I was unsure of how to approach the start of my career, the SavPalm course and team has helped put me on track!
  • I have learned how to use certain tricks with software that were missing before. Also the kind of reports i can make are far better today.
  • I feel good knowing my child is being trained in a place that hopes to hire him after he graduates!