Staffing & Recruitment

The perfect solution to your long & short term need for great accounting talent.

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Staffing & Recruitment

Advantages of Professional Staffing Services provided by Savage & Palmer:-

  • Get rid of the hassles of recruitment, hiring, selection & training of accountants
  • The employee goes through a rigorous Training and Development process to bring him upto speed with the latest accounting & taxation reforms in the industry.
  • Since the employee is on our payroll, you save ESIC as well as PF
  • If the accountant leaves during the contractual period, it is Savage & Palmer's responsibilty to replace him.

Advantages of Recruitment Services provided by Savage & Palmer:-

  • Here, the accountant is hired on the Client's payroll
  • The accountant is replaced by us, only if he leaves within 15 days.
  • We charge a one time commission for this service