Internal Audit

An unbiased second eye to make sure you pre-emptively catch errors and that your books are always on point
The Details

Internal Audits are conducted by companies to mitigate risk and drive an external maker-checker system across the company. This ensures the quality and accuracy of the work conducted by internal teams of companies. Although Internal Audits are not a statutory requirement, they serve as a great way for companies to ensure quality and timeliness of their operations.

  • Setting up of Internal Audit function
  • Undertaking Internal Audit risk assessments
  • Identifying and monitoring Key Risk Indicators (KRI) and Red Flags
  • Inventory Verification
  • Review of Accounting & Taxation
  • Fixed Assets Verification

Who is this useful for?
  1. International companies entering India
  2. Family Businesses
Any business that is operating at a scale where there are opportunities for leakage of revenue or mismanagement of accounting practices will benefit from having an active Internal Audit team.