Diagnostics & Due Diligence

A Diagnostic Analysis is a check up on the health of your Accounting & Finance operations within your company.

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Due Diligence

This involves a process of assessing and evaluating a product or a business before one invests in it or acquires it. It involves a thourough review of all facts be it a financial check, operational check, compliance check,creditors and debtors check, history and background check, owners and partners check, etc and all things that are considered material pre takeover.

We at Savage & Palmer offer you with a variety of due diligence services before you enter into a deal that you believe will shape the future of your business. This includes but not limited to:-

  • Compliance due diligence - Whether the potential business or company is regular in complying with various laws and regulations be it income tax law, company law, environmental law, GST law and whether it is liable to any prosecutions or penalties and whether they have been registered under the necessary laws of the land.
  • Financial due diligence - Whether the company or business is financially solvent and is not facing any liquidity issues or has any sanctions on it be it unpaid creditors or unpaid bank loans or demand notices from various Governmental departments.
  • Human Resource Due diligence - Whether the Company is complying with applicable laws and regulations like PF, ESIC, etc and there are no workers strikes, lockouts etc and the employees are paid on time and whether there is a contractual obligation on the company coming in to retain them at their current remuneration or higher.
  • Legal Due diligence - Whether the company is not stuck in court cases due to non payment of debts or criminal law suits and is complying with various laws and does not have a history and reputation of of violating any laws.