Job Title - Business Development Executive

  • We are looking for fresh college post graduates/ graduates who are smart and ambitious and want to build a career in Sales & Marketing. For us, energy and passion are more important than experience and education.
    • Job Duties & Responsibilities: We are a sales driven company - think Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street :) The Business Development team is responsible for reaching out to new prospects, understanding their challenges and pain points and selling a comprehensive solution to streamline their accounts, taxes and MIS reporting. The day-to-day activities of a Business Development Executive include -
    • Lead sourcing - researching SMEs and start-ups and finding relevant leads
    • Cold calling - a large part of the role involves cold calling prospects in order to set up sales meetings
    • Meeting business owners - the most fun part; meet CEOs and Directors of small companies, understand how their businesses function, understand their current accounting systems and pain points and provide a tailor-made solution to them
    • Attending events, entrepreneurial expositions and startup meets - here you will connect with multiple young, like-minded people in order to source leads
    • Helping create social media awareness about the company

    Skills Required:

    • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel & Powerpoint
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills

    This is the ideal job for you if -

    • You are an extrovert and love interacting with new people - you will be connecting with owners of small businesses each week
    • You are curious to understand how different businesses function - you will come across a number of different business models as you evaluate prospects and, thus ,get to learn how businesses function
    • You have an insane amount of energy and are looking to work in a young and dynamic environment - the average age at our firm is 24 and everyone is passionate about their roles and wants to grow both personally and professionally
    • You want to build a career in Business Development & Marketing - there is no better way to begin your career than at the forefront of sales. FYI - even our co-founder began his career in this very role
    • You want to pursue an entrepreneurial venture after 4-5 years - you will get to see and understand how a startup works from the inside while you get your hands dirty learning the ropes
    • You want to pursue an MBA after 4-5 years - you will gain multifaceted work experience that you can leverage while pursuing a good MBA degree

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